You’re an actor. It’s time to start acting like one.

Whether you’re a recent graduate with dreams of grandeur or a seasoned professional with reams of credits, every serious actor knows the industry is elusive, guarded and competitive. Often it’s hard to know where to start or what to do next. Other times you simply can’t juggle all that needs to be done.

How can you keep on top of the new primetime series casting your type, prepare for tomorrow’s audition and manage to maintain the ever-important networking life you lead? You practically need a team of personal assistants. Not to mention a coach to keep your skills sharp and your mind focused on the big picture. But who has access to this kind of support? With this application you have all the help you need – teacher, staff and friend – in the palm of your hand, allowing you to finally act like the actor you were meant to be.

You might find a few applications on the market that address one, maybe two of your needs. But why chase down a spattering of smaller apps that only clutter your phone, waste your money, and keep you guessing about their reliability? Actors more than anyone, need cohesive, coordinated and reliable assistance. Keep yourself together and your career in sync with Actsophia.

A one-time investment in Actsophia today will ensure you have the information and tools required for the lifespan of your career. Download Actsophia now, the one and only acting app you’ll ever need!

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