Casting360 vision is to create a new-age product that people will crave because it's so handsome, so intuitive, so functional, so pleasing to use, and so perfectly matched to user needs.

Bringing Internet matchmaking to the world of entertainment, Casting360 has combined state-of-the-art Internet technology and entertainment industry expertise to create the 21st-century answer to the traditional casting process where those seeking talent can find it.

Designed to answer the unique needs of casting directors, filmmakers, and television producers, Casting360 provides access to one of the largest, most diverse talent databases available and designed to make the casting process as fast and easy as logging in and opening an email. With a simple-to-use, streamlined search form that can send a call to as wide or narrow a group of talent as necessary, Casting360 provides a free, turnkey solution so casting professionals can find exactly who they are looking for from all over the country, all ages, all looks, and all levels of experience. Casting360 has taken the online tools most desired by casting directors, simplified and formatted in a clean interface.

Talents are able to create online profiles on Casting360 utilizing photo, audio, and video capabilities. After completing profile, a member can view casting calls specific to his or her area and submit to them. The Casting360 website includes casting calls for television shows, movies, theater, modeling, dance, music, and music videos. In addition, Casting360 offers talent the opportunity to enroll in exclusive video acting lessons program taught by industry experts, making them more professional and employable.

Casting360 succeeds by anticipating and fulfilling customer needs beyond their expectations. Focusing on honesty and commitment, as well as technological advancement, the Casting360 has become a premier online vehicle for matching casting directors with talent.

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