Scene Partner


• Focus the script around your character with the Cast Feature
• Turn the text of your play into speech using the text-to-speech voices — Listen to your cues, lines or whole scenes
• Record yourself and your fellow cast members with Scene Partner's built in voice recorder
• Highlight your script or hide your lines with one tap using the Read Feature — only $1.99
• Make changes to your scripts on the fly** and create French Scenes with the Edit Feature — only $1.99
• Record notes and play them back with the Note Feature — only $1.99


• Scene Partner includes the Cast, Listen and Record Features FREE — everything you need to get started and get offbook
• Scene Partner comes with two FREE text to speech voices you can download after you install Scene Partner
• Two of Shakespeare's greatest plays, King Lear and As You Like It
• Added Features — When you’re ready to add more Features, Read, Edit and Note are available for only $1.99 each or in a convenient Feature Pack for only $4.99—save over 15% vs the single Feature price
• Public Library — Scene Partner charges a small Script Conversion fee of $1.99 to format Public Library scripts for use with Scene Partner. After this initial fee, you can then use that script in Scene Partner on up to 4 devices.
• Extra voices are available for only $1.99 each — U.S. English, UK English, French, German, Italian and Spanish voices!
• Script Uploads — Scene Partner charges a small storage fee of $1.99 on each script upload to Theater Libraries

Useful for Actors